UNAM SOLUTIO is a solution orientated consultancy focusing on driving performance in the NPO sector. We offer a variety of innovative services to align strategy & governance with results. We have a growing network of skilled and experienced development associates to meet your requirements.

Reduce waste and increase impact by driving more money to your organisation's mission.

UNAM SOLUTIO is Passionate about:
• Ethical Governance
• Efficient and Effective Assurance

Fraud Awareness Workshop - Yangon, Myanmar


About the Founder

Rayelene Govender has many years of professional work experience in both the private and non-profit sectors. Some of the senior leadership roles fulfilled include, Senior Internal Auditor, Company Risk Manager, General Manager – Internal Audit, and International Head of Internal Audit for private sector organisations and international NGOs. This includes work across multiple countries and cultures. Technical skills include a BCom Risk Management, Internal Audit and a Master's - International Comparative Education - Stockholm University.

With trustee, board member and audit committee member experience included in her toolkit, Rayelene is no stranger to finding and driving solutions. She is currently a board trustee (Education NPO based in South Africa),General Assembly Member and Advisory and Complaints Board member for HQAI which is a Global Independent Quality Assurance Organisation in Humanitarian Aid sector. The stronger shift to compliance and quality standards across the humanitarian sector has increased levels of accountability and transparency to both beneficiaries and donors. Rayelene is also Audit Committee Chairperson (Policy Research NPO based in South Africa) and member of the professional body – Institute of Directors in South Africa (IODSA).


Our Inspiration

UNAM SOLUTIO (PTY) LTD is inspired by Rayelene Govender's great grandmothers legacy - Unammala Thangalan.

“Unammala was an immigrant who came to South Africa in the 19th century. She could neither read nor write but she ran a small business which supported many people. I admire her drive and tenacity in what must have been an incredibly challenging and difficult time to raise a family. She had no formal schooling, was living in a land with discriminatory laws and came from a strong patriarchal culture. Her story which has been passed down through generations has always stayed with me. Using part of her name to give identity to the consultancy was a natural conclusion.”

UNAM SOLUTIO is about solutions. We are focused on building value driven relationships with our clients and creating the right solutions to meet their unique needs.

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At UNAM SOLUTIO, these four core values are our fundamental beliefs and dictate our guiding principles.